Seneca Volunteer Fire Dept

Acquired Structures for Training

We at Seneca VFD have been very fortune with the support of our community.  This support comes in the form of donations, assistance, and may other items and favors.  One that is always a good win for us is the chance to obtain a structure that a land owner wants to be removed from their property.  When a donation like this comes along, we take full opportunity to use the building to train for suppression, rescue, overhaul, and any other task we feel the urge to try.

With that, we were fortunate to be given a large residence to train in for the past few months.  Many days and nights were spent at the building for training both in-house, and with state certified classes.  We would like to share some training photos with you.

Please check out our photo gallery at:

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Thanks to all who helped make this acquired structure a success for all the various training scenarios.  And a big shout out to the team that braved the high 80’s temperature for the Fire Fighter Survival Class from Seneca VFD, President VFD, Pinegrove VFD, and the instructors that took place this last weekend in August.